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February 9, 2022
Three Minute Install
Who wants to thumb through an installation guide, read the fine print, fumble for tools to get a product working? None of this is required to install Xidipity. All you need is about three minutes of your time.  

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I must begin the post with a question, and it’s the number of installed plugins. During installation, Xidipity competes with plugins for server resources. As hosted environments sparsely allocate resources, the solution is the temporary deactivation of plugins before installation and the reactivation upon completion. 


Download Zip File


As Xidipity exceeds the definition of a WordPress theme, it is not available from WordPress. It is hosted by a premier software repository titled GitHub which is owned by Microsoft. WordPress expects installation packages to be in a “zip” file format and the Xidipity installation package is a zip file.


Sources which contain download links are as follows.


  • xidipity.com
  • blog.xidipity.com
  • doc.xidipity.com


If you prefer, click here to download from this page. The name of the file is xidipity-110 (zip) and it is 620KB in size.




WordPress considers the installation of packages an administrative activity, so the person who performs this function must login to the site and have administrative privilege.


Select Themes


Find and click the “Themes” option of the administrative menu. This menu is visible at the top of the page and the selection is located under dashboard options. Alternately from the dashboard, the administrative menu is located to the left, and the selection is located under appearance. Clicking this selection will display a gallery of installed themes. 


Click Add New Button


At the upper left of the gallery is a button titled “add new”. Click this button.


Click Upload Theme Button


The gallery changes to a list of themes available from WordPress and in the upper left is a button titled “upload theme”. Click this button.


Choose File


Click the upload theme button to display the WordPress file upload dialog. Click the choose file button to display the file select dialog. Select the xidipity-110 file. Completion of this action enables the “Install Now” button.


Click Install Now Button


Click the “install now” button to load the xidipity-110 file to the server, resulting in the server presenting a status page. If the server reports the theme installed successfully, click the “Activate” link. The dashboard will again display a gallery of installed themes, and Xidipity should be the first as it is the active theme.


Click Plugins


If you have not installed the classic plugin, do so now. Activate the plugins deactivated at the beginning of the installation process.


Set Default Editor


Select the administrative menu item “Settings”, and click “Writing”. This will load a configuration page into the dashboard which will permit setting the classic editor as the default. Do so.




In most circumstances, a plugin or two will need to be installed. If your intent is to permit comments to be posted, then the Akismet Spam Protection plugin is a must. Most sites should have a search engine optimization plugin like Yoast installed. Other house keeping items like blog title and tagline will need to be entered. 


Depending on the complexity of blog topics, an organization structure built from categories and tags will need to be created.


What about menus? For a blog only site, menus are optional. Xidipity presents posts chronologically and retires them when assigned to the archive category. In this scenario, place links to your privacy policy and other important information in the sidebar.



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August 9, 2022