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February 2, 2022
A Better WordPress

Xidipity is a full featured WordPress content creation and delivery system. With added features, the classic editor is a powerful solution, as casual and sophisticated bloggers benefit from its utility and familiar format.  

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I take great pride in announcing the latest release of Xidipity. The Xidipity WordPress upgrade started life as a theme, but reflecting on the features of this release, the term theme does not adequately describe the value it brings to content creators.


Before Gutenberg, developers filled the ecosystem with themes and child themes which addressed style. Xidipity does this, but much more. It enriches the classical editor and extends WordPress functionality. Xidipity expands the usefulness of WordPress by including the wpX framework and supporting content and page templates. The result provides a novel solution which accommodates the needs of the casual and sophisticated blogger.


Editor Updates


For those who are new to WordPress, the classic editor is the content creation tool used prior to the adoption of Gutenberg. Its operation mirrors other popular editors like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Linux OpenOffice. Why did WordPress make the switch? Perhaps marketing pressure to do something different. Was the classic editor broke – No. Did the classic editor need improving – Yes. The following are the editor improvements of this release.




We updated the icons of the editor toolbar to a lighter weight and updated the default fonts.




Like a word processor, Xidipity supports the application of different fonts. However, there is a functional difference. The intent of Microsoft Word or Google Docs is to create pages to be printed. Xidipity creates WordPress pages to be displayed on the web. A well-written web page keeps the number of different fonts to a minimum.


We changed the appearance of the selection from a button to a drop-down list and the list contains the standard five HTML font families.


  1. sans
  2. serif
  3. monospaced
  4. cursive
  5. fantasy


Xidipity writes all text in the Sans (Sans-serif) font unless directed otherwise.


The serif font is an alternate to the default. An example of its use is the block quote.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec lobortis odio et purus sollicitudin mattis. Quisque erat ipsum, efficitur quis elementum quis, commodo eget tortor. Integer bibendum vestibulum porttitor.


The best use of the mono spaced font is to display computer code and Xidipity also uses it in pre-formatted paragraphs. The Cursive font serves as an alternate to the Serif font and the Fantasy font is used to display the blog title.


Xidipity assigns each of these font families a specific font from the Google font library which currently has 1052 selections. The default assignments are:


  1. Poppins (sans)
  2. Merriweather (serif)
  3. Roboto mono (monospaced)
  4. Oleo Script (cursive)
  5. Dosis (fantansy)


Administrators can change these assignments by using the configure systems parameters page template.


Font Size​arrow_drop_down


The appearance of this selection is now a drop-down list, and the list contains the following font sizes.


  • +6 (h1)
  • +5 (h2)
  • +4 (h3)
  • +3 (h4)
  • +2 (h5)
  • +1  (h6)
  • Default (16rem)
  • -1
  • -2
  • -3
  • Larger
  • Smaller


Xidipity holds these values in the theme-var.css file and administrators can make adjustments using the WordPress theme editor.


​Apply Color


We expand the functionality of this selection to include the use of named colors.


​Advanced Text Format


Xidipity now has a method to add custom in-line styles to text. For example, if the desire is to indent the selected paragraph to the right by 74 pixels, this tool will accomplish this task. The author will need to know the syntax, which is (“margin-left: 74px;“). CSS classes are also acceptable and they would typically come from the wpX library.


​Miscellaneous Options


Add Line


WordPress will allow authors to box themself in by adding an artifact like an image. When the author clicks this selection, Xidipity will provide a path out by adding a blank line to the top or bottom as directed.


Delete Line


In the circumstance where the opposite is true, when the author clicks this selection, Xidipity will delete a blank line at the top or bottom as directed.


Add Container


An HTML container is a way of grouping elements and Xidipity offers six container options.


  1. Full width framed
  2. Framed float left
  3. Framed float right
  4. Full width
  5. Float left
  6. Float right


Framed containers have a border, a smidgen of padding, and a lightly tinted background. Floating containers allow text to flow around them. 


​Multi Columns


We moved the auto column option of this selection to a content template. Remaining are three standard and three reversed options. The standard option collapses to a single column on mobile, stacking the columns from the left. The reverse option stacks columns from the right. This is useful when the desire is to stack an image on the top.


Template Updates


Xidipity supports two types of templates, page templates and content templates. A page template changes the structure of the page to accomplish a specific task. Content templates add functionality to a page or a post.


Configuration Template


The configuration template is new to this release, and it permits administrators to change operating parameters.


Landing Page


A landing page is the digital version of the direct marketing letter, highly targeted and focused on one specific outcome. The goal is to stimulate a predetermined action using targeted copy to connect with a user and persuade them to act. The landing page template permits authors to create a landing page uncluttered with the page header and sidebar.




Besides the product updates discussed above, we have changed the ecosystem.


  1. xidipity.com – marketing
  2. blog.xidipity.com – blog
  3. doc.xidipity.com – knowledge base
  4. community.xidipity.com – comments & discussions
  5. Twitter, YouTube, and others – as needed



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August 9, 2022